Friday, 15.03.2018 


Different week: Social Media Week 


This week started raining but warm and ends now cold. We thought spring was coming but… it looks like it is not going to arrive yet… It seems that March is going to be a crazy month and we will have to wait more until the spring finally arrives. Marika don’t like the cold weather at all and she can’t wait for the warmer weather to come round! I think it’s going to be a long month for her. 


This week has been the Social Media week and all our channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat became very essential to reach and gain all our goals at Bühnengold. We are trying to get to more people. 


For that reason, we publish our events in the medias and this week we have decided to make a different week and we have filled up the office window with our Social Medias and some hashtags. Follow us in all sides or take a picture/selfie with the window or with Bühnengold name and post it in the internet. You will have a very sweet surprise!! It’s delicious, I promise. And Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel not to miss anything. Below, I attach the flyers of the holiday program I talked about on Wednesday.  


Here, Team Office of Bühnengold, wish you have a Good day and a very good end of week! Enjoy the weekend and see you next week! 




Wednesday, 14.03.2018 


New program for Eastern Holidays! 


Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a good week. We are excited here, and really busy too, organizing our new project for holidays. I have advanced something on Instagram and Facebook during this week and now I’m glad to tell that It’s all organized! 

Here it comes: this year, for Eastern Holidays, we are going to do a little theatre and music program with kids. For 4 mornings, we will make different activities related to music and theater here in Bühnengold!!! 


As I told in another post, I’m from Spain and I’m trying to learn German (but don’t speak too much yet). I speak Spanish and English and that’s why we are going to do that project in German, English and Spanish. We know there is a lot of kids who knows English and some schools where they learn Spanish. We think that is a good way to learn and practice those languages while having fun. 


In addition, we want them to lose that shame some people have when talking to others. Some kids get too nervous in a class presentation and have a very bad time. This project will help them to meet other people, overcome their shame and have a great time on vacation. So, if you have any children between 7 and 13 years, bring them to Bühnengold this holidays for our Theatre and Music around the world program! You can find those in our Social Medias soon.


See you on Friday and I wish you all a good week! 




Friday, 09.03.2018


The international Women´s day


As I told on Wednesday, I’m Náyade and I’m from Spain, from the Basque Country. Yesterday was the International Women’s day. That’s the first year I pass it out of my home. I’ve seen it quite different: In the Basque Country, yesterday a lot of women didn’t go to work in the hole day. There was called a strike to show how many women work, and how important is their work; as important as men’s work. All the women were called to the strike, homemakers too. Because It is a work too, not payed, but still a work.


It surprised me to know that here, in Berlin, there wasn’t any strike. And even more surprising to know that just few people knew witch day was. There were no messages congratulating women for the day. Almost not even among women! I’m used to congratulate all the women’s I know, and to post it on the social medias.


I searched on the internet trying to find any demonstration here, but I was difficult. I don’t know a lot of German yet, but besides, there wasn’t a lot of information. My friends had been all day sending pictures and videos of some demonstrations and protest meetings in different cities and villages, in the morning, afternoon or almost at night. A lot of people was all over the streets protesting and I didn’t even know where was one in Berlin. Finally, with help, we found one demonstration (only one in all of Berlin), 5pm at Kreuzberg (a neighborhood of Berlin).


I was really upset and hurt for not finding anything else and I decided to go there with some friends. There was a lot of people there. A lot of young people (women and men) and older people too still fighting for the same reason. They’ve protested when they were my age and they still have to protest. This year, the international women’s day has been very important, it has had a lot of media coverage where I life and it has joined a lot of people.


I know it is just a day, just a date. But it has a small impact here, very-very small. I have heard some people saying, “I don’t know why you have that day”. That’s why we have it. It would be awesome if we wouldn’t need that day… but we need it. The 8 of March it’s just one day in the calendar, one day of the year only. It should be every single day of the year but at least we have one to complain about it.

Here I leave some pictures and videos of Bilbao and Gasteiz (two cities of the Basque country) and another of Kreuzberg.














                            Wednesday, 07.03.2018 



I’m Náyade


We are in the middle of the week! I’m Náyade and I´m 21 years old. I’m the second international inter on Bühnengold® and I will be here for 3 months. I’m part of the team since Monday but I feel integrated and very well attended here. 


We were translating our website into English and it’s already done. You will have noticed that we have done some posts in English in our social medias too. If you didn’t realise, you can have a look on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! 


March has just started and, even if the weather wasn’t good at the beginning, it is going better now. The temperature is going up slowly (really slowly) and it started raining. That means spring is coming! We hope the weather gets better the rest of the week!!  


Have fun and I will tell you more on Friday. 




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